This is the home page of HoloHale the RV Travel Division of BRADnJACKY LLC.

What does Holoholo mean in Hawaiian?
What does Hale mean in Hawaiian?
Looking up the words at the University Of Hawaii online Dictionary: Wehewehe Wikiwiki

We get:

1. vi., To go for a walk, ride, or sail; to go out for pleasure, stroll, promenade

1. nvi. House, building, institution, lodge, station, hall; to have a house.

We put the two words together to form the word "HoloHale" meaning for us "Recreational Vehicle." 
It is not Hawaiian as both HoloHale and Recreational Vehicle show "No entry found" when searching Wehewehe Wikiwiki.

We have been living in Hawaii since 2006. We have decided to buy a RV and travel the United States Mainland. We did not want to ship the RV to Hawaii every year for a vehicle safety inspection and license renewal, so we researched how to license on the mainland legally. We had a Law Firm create an LLC for us in Montana, so we are BRADnJACKY LLC owning a RoadTrek Van with a Montana License.

This website was my first try with WordPress. I have been using Joomla for the last 8 years to manage my other websites. You may not be able to tell, but I have gone back to Joomla. From Google: "The main difference between Joomla and WordPress is that Joomla has more flexibility, but does have a steeper learning curve, while WordPress does not require a lot of technical knowledge and is a better fit for beginners." I am not a beginner and I missed the flexibility of Joomla.

As time goes by we will see how it goes… And as you can see I am back on Joomla.

The menu item “Our Travels” is a page of our Adventures on the Mainland.